Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crossover 6 Released for Mac & Linux

Just received from Crossover:

I am very happy to announce that we have shipped final versions of
CrossOver Mac 6.0 and CrossOver Linux 6.0.

Users of Intel based Mac systems can now seamlessly run many
Windows applications on their Mac without needing a Windows license.
Supported applications include Outlook, Visio, Project, Quicken, Steam based games
such as Half Life 2, and many more.

For Linux users, we have added support for Outlook 2003, World of Warcraft,
a range of Steam based games such as Half-Life 2, and a number of other
applications. Additionally, CrossOver 6 represents another major step
forward in the evolution of Wine, so most users will find substantial
improvements in the overall compatibility and behavior of CrossOver
as compared to version 5.

With the addition of games to our lineup, we felt that 'CrossOver Office'
was no longer an appropriate name, so we have also rebranded the Linux product
as 'CrossOver Linux'.

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